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Something of history across the advertising.


No es que recoja toda aquella publicidad tanto impresa, o en demás medios, que la compañía Apple a ido prestando a nuestro diario vagar, pero si compila una buena cantidad ejemplos que nos muestran de forma simpática la historia de Apple a través de la publicidad. Aparte observaremos aquellos vídeos televisivos que no cruzaron el “charco”, siendo a mi parecer lo mejor que muestra este articulo.
Y es que apple fue y seguirá siendo aquella empresa que se cogió de la mano de la imagen y la buena publicidad, creer desde los 80´s en el buen gusto, algunas lo hacen.

It is not that gather all that advertising so much printed, or in other medias, that the company Apple to been giving to our diary to stroll around, but if a good quantity compiles examples that show us of nice form Apple’s history across the advertising. Apart we will observe those television videoes that did not cross the “puddle”, being to my looking like the best thing that shows this article.
And it is that apple was and it will continue being that company that was taken of the hand of the image and the good advertising, to believe from them 80’s in the good taste, some of them do it.

+ The 80´s Apple advertising.


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Sergio Rodríguez, su autor, nos muestra on line, los orígenes de la publicidad y su desarrollo a través de los años hasta lo que es hoy un día. Una historia frecuentemente olvidada por todos los que trabajamos en esta profesión, una profesión basada, como decía aquel publicitario, en el arte de lo efímero.

Sinceramente se agradece observar que la publicidad, didácticamente como nos la han querido “inyectar” los mecánicos del engranaje universitario produce somnolencia, lo mejor, despertar gracias a estos articulos.

Sergio Rodríguez, his author, shows us on line, the origins of the publicity and your development across the years up to what it is today one day. A history frequently forgotten by all that we are employed at this profession, a based profession, as was saying advertising that one, in the art of the ephemeral thing.
Sincerely it is grateful to observe that the advertising, didactically as us there have wanted “to “inject” the mechanics of the university gear produces drowsiness, the better thing, awakening thanks to these articles.


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Output : Student Competition Calls for Input

Works of any form of design carried out by students usually disappear into drawers after a presentation to a relatively small college audience.

There the work remains invisible to outside eyes.We want to change that.
:output: is the biggest international competition for students in design.

The works selected by the jury will be published in the yearbook :output 10 (fall 2007).
Any work related to an area of Visual Communication, such as: Graphic Design, Product Design, Architecture, Photography, Illustration, Typeface Design, Installation Design, Multimedia, Moving Image and Television Graphics is eligible for submission.

The latest date for submissions is 15 February 2007.

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Dollars with style…

We you would like to bring the place over where we were studying new fields in the design, from Manhattan in New York, just nearly Union Square they find different buildings that shape the enormous Parson’s School.
Difficultly the colleges are outlined where we do ourselves “mans”, little we like to remind them and as us get tired to get up every morning and to begin our school day among your walls, “student prisons”.
Something that does not happen in Parson’s, where to finish until the dawn in the center is one of your better subjects, to see that the possibilities in the design it is infinite and to show that after A To the B comes, and…C…
Architecture, Graphical Design, Art History, Fashion Design, Animation, Games Design…
A kiss Maria.


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