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Output : Student Competition Calls for Input

Works of any form of design carried out by students usually disappear into drawers after a presentation to a relatively small college audience.

There the work remains invisible to outside eyes.We want to change that.
:output: is the biggest international competition for students in design.

The works selected by the jury will be published in the yearbook :output 10 (fall 2007).
Any work related to an area of Visual Communication, such as: Graphic Design, Product Design, Architecture, Photography, Illustration, Typeface Design, Installation Design, Multimedia, Moving Image and Television Graphics is eligible for submission.

The latest date for submissions is 15 February 2007.


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Laus 07, no seas cobardica!

The Laus are divided in several categories you are are, graphical design, interactive, graphical communication and audio-visual communication between others, and they reward the Excellence of the good one to do a “design”, this is, the retention of the eyes in that one that observes it and that leads this message that makes return to blink (we go what we would not put above the TV). The aim of these prizes is to foment to national as international level our sense for the aesthetic thing, the creative function for some forgotten. The summons are opened for all the printed, published, expressed works, on-line or edited during the year 2006-07 in the outlined categories.
The term of inscription and receipt of pieces finishes on February 15, 2007, let’s see the good thing that you are.

Los Laus están divididos en varias categorías estás son, diseño gráfico, interactivos, comunicación gráfica y comunicación audiovisual entre otros, y premian la Excelencia del buen hacer un “diseño”, esto es, la retención de los ojos en aquel que lo observa y que conduzca ese mensaje que hace volver a parpadear (vamos lo que no pondríamos encima la tele ). El objetivo de estos premios es fomentar a nivel nacional como internacional nuestro sentido por lo estético, la función creativa por algunos olvidada.
La convocatoria está abierta a todos los trabajos impresos, publicados, emitidos, visonados on-line o editados durante el año 2006-07 en las categorías reseñadas.
El plazo de inscripción y recepción de piezas finaliza el 15 de febrero de 2007, veamos lo bueno que eres.


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Cool people, chiss!

The art directors club of Europe and ADG-FAD from Barcelona, invite you to the presentation of the The Annual of Annuals book, best of the european design and advertising in 2006 and the new espace of exposition.

In 18 january 2007 in Pl. dels Àngels, 5-6 Barcelona. We will be there, we meet !

As our industry continues to globalise so the aspiration of ADC*E becomes more of an imperative. ADC*E shows us European creativity as a whole rather than residing in one country. ADC*E helps us speak European as well as to value our diverse cultures. ADC*E also favours and benefits the smallest Clubs in Europe. ADC*E provides an important voice on an international stage bringing practitioners together through events and publications, benchmarking creativity across Europe, and deepening understanding of our creative diversity. ADC*E is a gateway to its respective creative community.


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The MilkmanDisseny Workroom

Somos jóvenes como agencia física, Milkmandisseny ™ se “establece” en 2006, pero nuestra mente lleva ya tiempo activa, experiencias sanas o no tan sanas para ir montando ideas, esencias visuales, orquestando diseño y comunicación, comportamientos estéticos funcionales.

Mediante nuestra perspectiva tratamos de llegar a la funcionalidad del diseño, siempre junto a la importantísima estética como compañero del mismo.
Creemos en el vértice de ese enorme “edificio” esa esquina que se convierte en objeto a la creación, mantenernos en esta esquina para poder observar ambos lados, las posibilidades a actuar, hacía que lado…, crear algo mediante lo odiado o lo querido de estas dos caras, Imagen, Calidad y funcionalidad.

La imagen puede ser una mentira, pero las verdades duelen, seamos mentirosos.
Detrás queremos ver cosas.


Across ” the studio ” we bring you over to the space of development of the graphical visual offers that from MMD we try to take with the best aesthetic functional quality.

We are young as physical agency, Milkmandisseny™ establishes in 2006, but our mind already goes time assembling ideas, visual essences, functional behaviors.
From our perspective we try to come to the functionality of the design always together to the aesthetics as image of the same one.

We believe in the vertex of the enormous “building” that it is the object to creating, to be kept in this corner of which to observe both sides, the possible possibilities, to create something that walks for both bands, Image, Quality and funcionality.
With message.

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Happy 2007

Happy New Year 2007! Let’s expect to be able to continue developing those ideas that they bloom in our minds and let’s be able be still laughing at those that do not apply them.


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