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Dollars with style…

We you would like to bring the place over where we were studying new fields in the design, from Manhattan in New York, just nearly Union Square they find different buildings that shape the enormous Parson’s School.
Difficultly the colleges are outlined where we do ourselves “mans”, little we like to remind them and as us get tired to get up every morning and to begin our school day among your walls, “student prisons”.
Something that does not happen in Parson’s, where to finish until the dawn in the center is one of your better subjects, to see that the possibilities in the design it is infinite and to show that after A To the B comes, and…C…
Architecture, Graphical Design, Art History, Fashion Design, Animation, Games Design…
A kiss Maria.



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Ese sombreo con clase Hjalti!!…

They are Jan Wilker y Hjalti Karlsson, a guys from europe that they create from the same manhattan in it 14st and 6av a study of graphical design and communication, to join with them, specially Karlsson is great, among a par of donuts adhered of a coktail and multiple conversations, they make you see for that so many creativity, there is called he a happiness!


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From Valencia with love

From Valencia there appears this magazine of different offers all of them related to the Art and the Design, for creative of the Valencian community, {Disey Magazine born April 2006 } does a ways for the different lines of the graphical expressionism, showing us projects of Architecture, Urban Works, Graphical design, Packaging, Illustration, Painting …
Apart from events as news that they bloom for our community thanks to these entrepreneurs who make us remember the good one play the role of our creative ones.
Read Disey Magazine while you eat up a Valencian orange.


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